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Simplify Data Architecture Management

Gain full visibility into data lineage and create an easy-to-understand data pipeline from source to insights.

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A well-planned data architecture is at the heart of digital transformation. Implement an automated end-to-end analytics platform to simplify analytics architecture and gain clear insight into data structures.
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Risk Reduction

Ensuring consistency and reliability of data architecture will reduce chances of critical data loss or data theft
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Bottom-Line Returns

Implement a solid data strategy once that enables changes without expensive restructuring
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Workforce Upskilling

Simplify design decisions and implementation process, allowing workers to focus on analytics transformation

Business Problem

Is there a design or architecture behind the data in your company? Do you know how your data sources and repositories are related? At some point in its growth, your company realizes how important data is to its success, but it also realizes that there’s no design or standards governing data structures. People and groups around the company create and accumulate new data stores and data warehouses with no guidance about the collection, management, security, and lifecycle of the data.

More importantly, when data stores grow in isolation from one another, it becomes more difficult to get the synergy of using them together. Smooth integration and interaction among systems rely on data architecture management, but it’s never a good time to stop and put good design practices in place.

Alteryx Solution

Companies can integrate internal and external data sources and transform millions of rows of data into insight. Starting with the kinds of questions that business managers want answered regularly, analysts identify relevant data sources, both internal and external. They use workflows and analytics to unite new and historical data from sources as diverse as point-of-sale apps, customer loyalty programs, franchise information, internal metadata, and even geospatial data. Analytics automates the work of processing, enriching, connecting, transforming, and outputting the data so that analysts can query the resulting, combined data sets and create visualizations. Armed with the insight, business leaders can make better-timed, data-driven decisions that improve profitability and growth.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Implement end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes
  • Connect to 80+ natively integrated data sources from Amazon to Oracle to Salesforce
  • Fully manage data access rights to ensure secure sharing of data
  • Optimize data pipelines and management with full visibility into each step of the data lineage

Alteryxは、グループ全体のビジネス変革の強力な推進力となっています。以前、分析チームは、ビジネスのコンサルタントとして、多くの役割を担わなければなりませんでした。Alteryx でデータを一元管理できるようになったことで、その負担は大きく軽減されました。

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