Under the Office of the CFO, critical analytical functions often operate with the same processes used in 1985. There’s a better way. Modernize your analytic approach to gain actionable insight and achieve insane efficiency at scale — good for you, the team, and the business.

In this webinar, we will address each major financial function — FP&A, Revenue, General, and Fixed Assets Accounting, Payroll, AP, Treasury, Taxes, and Internal Controls — sharing current constraints and modern solutions.

Watch to learn how to elevate your organization’s financial operations by:

  • Delivering real-time, forward-thinking insights to the business and executive team
  • Automating time-consuming, manual data tasks, and adjust analytic queries easily
  • Processing data from spreadsheets, data warehouses, cloud applications, and more
  • Leveraging advanced analytics for forecasting and modeling


  • Sean Mancini

    Sean Mancini
    Director Data & Analytics

  • Andrew Bell

    Andrew Bell
    Engagement Manager of Data & Analytics

  • John Tilow

    John Tilow
    Partner of Finance Transformation

"Best-in-class companies are 49% more likely to have invested in analytics solutions to improve their performance compared to the rest. This investment significantly improves their ability to gather, organize, and analyze their data.”
— "What High-Performing Tax Teams Have In Common," Aberdeen Group