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In Florida, the City of Tallahassee is using a comprehensive data and analytics platform to automatically analyze data from multiple systems, including 80,000 water meters to find undetected leaks in homes and businesses. Instead of having employees manually evaluate monthly consumption records, an algorithm combs through the data and alerts customers to signs of trouble. The technology is saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and saving city residents from painfully expensive water bills. This is just one example of how data, when analyzed and acted upon, can be a game-changer for both government agencies and the citizens they serve.

This Government Technology and Alteryx webcast explores how government leaders like yourself can unleash the power of data and analytics. Brian Scott, Innovation Manager at the City of Tallahassee, will share how data and analytics helped his municipality weather Hurricane Michael and be better stewards of the environment and more effectively meet citizens’ needs.

Watch this one-hour webinar and you’ll hear:

  • Why government agencies have traditionally failed to fully leverage analytics
  • Why self-service analytics is critical to create a data-centric culture
  • The three most important steps to gain more value from government data


  • Brian-Scott
    Brian Scott

    Innovation Manager
    City of Tallahassee

  • Matt-Madden
    Matthew Madden

    Director of Solutions Marketing

  • Karen Jackson
    Karen Jackson

    Senior Fellow
    Center for Digital Government

"62% of data analysts must depend on other within their organization to perform at least some steps in the analytics process.” 

— “Achieving Self-Service for Enterprise Data Analysts,” Alteryx

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