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According to the Aberdeen Group, 38% of financial planning teams report that their budgeting and forecasting process is too long and resource-intensive. The culprit? Multiple, disparate data sources, a highly spreadsheet-oriented processes, and an inability to incorporate machine learning into forecasting. Forecasts and plans change constantly, so how can financial planning teams refresh information based on real-time changes and model forecasts effectively?

This webinar breaks down the fundamentals to leveling up your forecast with collaborative intelligence — the combination of machine learning and human intelligence. We’ll explore how to integrate data sources once and for all, effectively re-forecast based on emerging and outside demand, and test scenarios like product cannibalization and the impact of new products with no clear predicate.

Learn how to level up financial planning and analysis with machine learning:

  • Access and blend financial data in a single platform to prepare, blend, and analyze
  • Streamline common FP&A tasks with code-free and code-friendly analytic tools
  • Improve forecast accuracy and efficiency with repeatable, automated analytic processes
  • Apply predictive analytics capabilities to test “what-if?” scenarios to drive impactful decisions and improved responsiveness for unplanned outcomes


  • Brad-Jackson
    Brad Jackson

    VP of Analytics

  • Andrew-Gandara
    Andrew Gandara

    Solutions Architect

“We think the answer is, let’s combine the two: Let’s use machine learning to get our first pass, layer in what SMEs across the organization know about business strategy, and ultimately, get a more accurate forecast. We call that collaborative intelligence.”  

— Brad Jackson, VP of Analytics, ProKarma

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