From optimizing processes to increasing revenue and driving business growth, executives are realizing the value in artificial intelligence. However, many organizations struggle to bring the necessary people, processes, and technology stacks together.

In this Data Science Central webinar, we’ll focus on the business processes needed to implement AI-driven insights within an organization. Chief Data Scientist, Razvan Nistor, from Keyrus will discuss:

  • Investments in new platforms and roles for your strategic roadmap
  • End-to-end business-focused delivery strategy good for the whole team
  • Facilitating change with the right tools and people

Watch to discover real ROI use cases of an end to end AI rollout in retail and the financial services industry and some of the successes and setbacks along the way. It's time to empower everyone to solve anything.


  • Razvan Nistor
    Razvan Nistor

    Chief Data Scientist
    Keyrus US

  • Melissa-Burroughs
    Melissa Burroughs

    Product Marketing Manager


“The business questions being put forth are specific and value-driven. They are not coming from a technical place of origin. The questions being asked are things like, How can we optimize processes? How can I do better forecasting? Who are my customers? Why are they churning? What investments increase our returns?”  
— Razvan Nistor, Chief Data Scientist, Keyrus US

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