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As you compete for customers and market share in a dynamic retail environment, data is your ammunition. There's more than just basic customer data to factor in: there's social media data, location data, in-store movement data, and more.

The more you understand your customer’s buying behaviors and preferences, the better you can market to them through personalized customer loyalty programs and accelerate sales.

In this live webinar with Data Meaning, discover how to:

  • Jumpstart your analytics culture to stay ahead of the competition
  • Thrive in an omnichannel retail environment
  • Unleash the power of advanced analytics for location, diagnostic, and predictive analytics

Plus, learn how to scale your insights across stores + departments. Don’t miss this chance to maximize your data. Watch Now.


  • ty-tucker
    Ty Tucker

    VP Professional Services
    Data Meaning

  • Anne-Queline-Keller
    Anne-Queline Keller

    Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

  • Andrew-Kim
    Andrew Kim

    ALTERYX ACE, Senior Manager
    Data Meaning

“The ability to anticipate changing consumer demands, channel preferences, and price elasticity to promote the right products through the omnichannel is key to driving customer conversions.”  

— “Alteryx for Omnichannel Retail Merchandising”

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