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A 360-degree customer experience is no longer a “nice-to-have” for retailers. You need to give customers offers they care about, in the moment they care about them, to create a great experience, spend ad dollars wisely, and increase revenue.

Hear how one of the largest supermarkets in the United States used advanced analytics to better understand its net profit and promotion effectiveness.

With the help of Alteryx and Keyrus, they were able to consolidate product sales and costs to drive business insights and gain a deeper understanding of their consumers’ buying behaviors.

Watch this live webinar to see solution experts from Alteryx and Keyrus dive into the art of analytics and how it's being used to run smarter retail promotions and omnichannel marketing campaigns. You'll learn how to:

  •  Allocate promotional dollars to specific products based on data insights
  • Cross analyze net profits on items, categories, and departments
  • Implement an experienced and flexible team in order to meet very short deadlines on an end-to-end solution



  • Anne-Queline-Keller
    Anne-Queline Keller

    Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

  • Razvan Nistor
    Razvan Nistor

    Director DS, CPG, Growth

“These promotions become irrelevant if you’re not also driving the margins. In a sense, you’re putting out a lot of energy to drive topline revenue through these kinds of programs, but you’re going to be treading water if you’re not able to understand what’s happening at the margin level.”  

— Anne-Queline Keller, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Alteryx

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