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In the oil, gas, and energy industries, everything needs to work perfectly. From finances, to customer communications, to operations data and parts, there are an incredible number of data points to keep track of.


Watch Alteryx and Capitalize Analytics take a deep dive into how self-service analytics combined with a complete end-to-end analytics Platform can revolutionize how people in the oil, gas, and energy industries are using data to gain valuable insights. Walk away knowing how the right Platform can help you:

  • Accurately anticipate energy demands, like peak usage time, so you — and the power grid — are never caught off guard
  • Understand the root cause of failures to eliminate them in the future, or predict and address possible problems before they happen
  • Closely watch your supply chain and easily keep track of all moving parts with automated reporting

With examples and use cases from companies like Shell Oil, this webinar will be useful for everyone from the citizen user to professionals skilled in R and Python.


  • Eric-Soden-82
    Eric Soden

    Managing Partner
    Capitalize Analytics

  • Sean-Highberg-82
    Sean Highberg

    Director of Business Development
    Capitalize Analytics

“They were looking for a way to automate the process and free up the time … needed to provide deeper insights to the executive management team. They selected Alteryx not only because of its orchestration capabilities, but its capability to scale and enable more advanced analytics. As a result of the projects, we saved these guys hundreds of man hours on a quarterly basis.”  

— Sean Highberg, Director of Business Development, Capitalize Analytics

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