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Harnessing data analytics is top of mind among 100% of Healthcare CIOs surveyed by Spok, Inc. Healthcare providers are being asked to aggregate more and more data sources to create accurate diagnoses, treatment plans, and financial strategies. The reality: Data fatigue, talent gaps, and tight costs often leave providers contending with static, “rear-view mirror” analytics. But that just won’t cut it.

Watch this webinar for a healthcare provider’s guide to speeding the time to insight from traditional descriptive analytics. View first-hand how to start putting predictive, geospatial, and prescriptive capabilities to practice with self-service analytics. Healthcare providers are growing analytics competency, not headcount, with code-free and code-friendly workflows across care delivery, clinical operations, and administration; join this webinar to learn how.

Watch the webinar to explore:

  • Data munging made simple with a single platform to prepare, blend, and analyze data
  • How to upskill existing talent with code-free and code-friendly, drag-and-drop analytic tools
  • A step-by-step workflow to measure patient satisfaction scoring
  • How to use geospatial data to help assess potential locations for new facilities


  • Matt-Madden
    Matthew Madden

    Director of Solutions Marketing

  • Andrew-Kim
    Andrew Kim

    Healthcare Solutions Consultant & Alteryx ACE
    Data Meaning

“A lot of people can do descriptive analytics and put together a great chart that gives them some statistics about what’s happened in the past. But they tend to lack the experience or expertise to do much beyond looking in the rearview mirror.”  

— “Democratizing Data for Healthcare Success,” Matthew Madden, Director of Healthcare Solutions Marketing, Alteryx

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