Finance professionals spend countless hours every day manipulating and merging data from numerous spreadsheets. Wouldn’t you rather spend time on more impactful activities like financial analysis and forecasting?

Watch our two-part webinar series to find out how you can start focusing on what matters in finance.

In this series, you will learn how self-service analytics can:

  • Organize all your finance data in one place for accurate financial forecasting
  • Leverage that data to mitigate risk, deliver insights, and predict outcomes
  • Liberate you from spreadsheet reconciliation with automation

"It has been an amazing transition for my team to start using Alteryx — to go from manual, tedious, cumbersome processes where we still didn't have insight into the data to a world where we have self-service analytics."
 Dawn Rinehart, Total Cost of Ownership Manager at Daimler Trucks

Session One: Finance Reporting and Control
Transforming raw accounting data and entries into usable and comparable financial statements and reports is integral to delivering business insights. Learn how with self-service analytics.

Session Two: Risk Management
Risk to the bottom line of your business can come from anywhere: from currency and interest rate fluctuations, to market volatility, to operational failures in the supply chain. Learn how to analyze and plan for these potential risks to mitigate impact.


  • Matt-Madden
    Matt Madden

    Director, Solutions Marketing

  • Nick-Smith-82-S
    Nick Smith

    Sales Engineer

“Workers are spending, on average, seven hours per week manually updating formulas, pivot tables, cell and sheet references.”  

— “The State of Data Science and Analytics,” IDC

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