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How do you leverage the right data at the right time and then share your business-critical insights with the organization at large? Join us for this webinar and live demonstration to see how Reggie Wilkerson, Director of Enterprise Data Management at State Department Federal Credit Union (SDFCU), revolutionized his team’s tech stack to do just that. With a combination of Alteryx, Tableau, and Amazon Web Services, Reggie and his team of three revolutionized the way they perform analysis and deliver valuable insights to the businesses. Learn how they:

  • Use leading enterprise analytics technologies to abolish manual processes ripe for human error and replace them with repeatable automated processes
  • Drive impactful insights quickly with flexible, secure, and always-current cloud data storage instead of legacy on-premises options
  • Save money by removing and replacing outdated systems that didn’t work — and that no one used — with a tech stack that works seamlessly together for stakeholders

By partnering with Slalom for best and next practices and going after easy wins to show stakeholders the value of their systems, Reggie drove a digital transformation process that rippled out beyond his team. Watch now to learn how a re-envisioned tech stack can help you bring together IT and Business Analysts and allow them to use the right data at the right time.


  • Reginald-Wilkerson
    Reginald Wilkerson

    Director, Enterprise Data Management
    State Department Federal Credit Union

  • Phil-Hetzel
    Phil Hetzel

    Slalom Consulting

  • Michael-Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan

    Solutions Engineer

  •  Raman-Kaler
    Raman Kaler

    Sr. Manager, Alliance Marketing

“You want to enable innovation within your organization. Data is at the heart of that. That’s the glue between everything we do, it's making sure we have accessible, cleansed data.”  

— Reginald Wilkerson, Director of Enterprise Data Management, State Department Federal Credit Union

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