While visualization is about telling a story with data for consumption, visualytics is visually understanding your data while you work and model it. Not waiting until the output to see and understand your data can give business users and analysts a faster path to uncovering critical insights for addressing business challenges and answering questions.

Technologies that enable data visualization and analytics have previously been evolving separately, but leading solutions today have merged them together to give users new and easier ways of drawing insights from data and putting them into action for smarter decisions.

Come and learn why visualizing your data at the output is good, while seeing and visualizing your data while you model it aka, “visualytics” is great. Watch this webinar to learn about: 

  • The visualytics fusion
  • What it means for business users and analysts
  • Examples of how to apply visualytics to solve business problems


  • David Stodder

    David Stodder
    Sr. Director of Research for BI

  •  Lisa-Aguilar

    Lisa Aguilar
    Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

"What I love about Alteryx is I feel like I'm only tapping 20 percent of the potential, and every time I open it and use it, I'm finding a new way or a new tool to solve my problem."
— Michael Toryfter, Workforce Analytics & Strategy Manager, Johnson Controls, Inc.

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