If you're like most data analysts, you spend a lot of your time preparing data — leaving less time to visualize it. Get this whitepaper and see how Alteryx enables:

  • Fast blending of multiple, disparate data sources
  • Cleansing and shaping of data sources for quality outputs
  • Analyzing data with predictive and spatial analytics, no coding required

All your work is done in an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow that's re-useable, modifiable and outputs to Tableau Data Extract — saving you time and letting you visualize your data faster.

“Alteryx is the best tool for analysts to use in regards to transforming, cleaning, calculating, joining, and preparing data for Tableau. Alteryx can power through any amount of data and export that final product for visual analysis and make the findings transparent, secure, and dynamic for an entire organization.”  

— Paul Mathewson, Business Intelligence Consultant, InterWorks

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