SCAN Health Plan is a nonprofit health insurance company in Southern California focused on Medicare Advantage Programs for seniors. Listen to their story about how they busted a drug scheme with analytics.

Learn how their Special Investigations Unit (SIU) used network analysis to identify predatory pharmacies engaged in a lidocaine compound scam, fraudulently dispensing medication to seniors who didn't need it. By analyzing claims data, the team of two identified predatory pharmacies and stopped payments to them, saving over $1.5 million in the first year.

Watch to hear how healthcare payers and providers can combat fraud and waste. You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze claims and prescription data to proactively identify fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Schedule analytic workflows to run automatically
  • Craft and orchestrate an analytics strategy to democratize data and operationalize analytics at scale


  • katherine yue scan health
    Katherine Yue

    Manager, Special Investigations
    SCAN Health Plan

  • Cassandra Olsen
    Cassandra Olsen

    Risk Analyst
    SCAN Health Plan

  • Andy De
    Andy Dé

    Senior Director, Healthcare Solutions

“Before Alteryx, we were ‘fire fighting,’ investigating one member at a time. It was a small, limited view. Alteryx gave us a landscape view. It gave us something the business unit could get buy-in on right away. We can target based on data, and since we’re a small team, that allowed us to prioritize our work.”  

— Katherine Yue, Manager, Special Investigations, SCAN Health Plan

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