Parse and Transform Tools

Data comes in all shapes and formats and many times it needs to be restructured and re-shaped in order for the data to be analyzed. Alteryx contains a number of parsing and transformation tools to help users change the data to the format they need for further analysis.

This is a sample of the tools available in the Alteryx Designer. For the full list of tools, click here.

Icon Tool Description
Date Time Date Time Transform date/time data to and from a variety of formats, including both expression-friendly and human readable formats.
RegEx RegEx Parse, match, or replace data using regular expression syntax.
Text to Columns Text to Columns Split the text from one field into separate rows or columns.
XML Parse XML Parse Read in XML snippets and parse them into individual fields.
XML Parse JSON Parse The JSON Parse tool separates Java Script Object Notation text into a table schema for the purpose of downstream processing. It can be built back up into usable JSON format by feeding the output into the JSON Build tool.
Arrange Arrange Manually transpose and rearrange fields for presentation purposes.
Count Records Count Records Count the records passing through the data stream. A count of zero is returned if no records pass through.
Cross Tab Cross Tab Pivot the orientation of the data stream so that vertical fields are on the horizontal axis, summarized where specified.
Running Total Running Total Calculate a cumulative sum per record in a data stream.
Summarize Summarize Summarize data by grouping, summing, counting, spatial processing, string concatenation, and much more. The output contains only the results of the calculation(s).
Summarize In-DB Summarize In-DB Summarize In-DB data by grouping, summing, counting, counting distinct fields, and more. The output contains only the result of the calculation(s).
Transpose Transpose Pivot the orientation of the data stream so that horizontal fields are on the vertical axis.
Weighted Average Weighted Average Calculate the weighted average of a set of values where some records are configured to contribute more than others.


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