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Strategic relationship to accelerate digital transformation


About Our Strategic Alliance

The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform™, combined with PwC’s business solutions of products and services positions the two companies at the forefront of accelerating digital transformation for organizations globally. This alliance brings together technology, services and digital assets for automation, upskilling and digital transformation engagements that customers can easily utilize to skill their workforce.


Unlocking Business Value

Unlocking Business Value

PwC US's $3 billion "New World. New Skills."investment started with digitally upskilling their own people. PwC professionals worldwide help organizations establish strategy and governance around their automation programs, leveraging Alteryx-based solutions to help drive business outcomes in less time and with less effort. They assess processes, data sources, and pain points to set priorities and help deliver quick wins, then use leading practices to help design and build Alteryx APA-based solutions to help set organizations on the right path in their automation journey. Organizations benefit from PwC’s Alteryx expertise, business acumen and industry knowledge to strategically deploy Alteryx APA to help accelerate and optimize advanced analytics, data science, and process automation as key components of their digital transformation journeys.

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Unlocking Business Value
Enabling Financial Data Automation

Enabling Data Automation in the Office of Finance

Finance organizations face challenges transforming processes prone to incomplete datasets and manual processing, such as data reconciliation, regulatory reporting, transaction management, etc.

PwC has developed a range of solutions that can help modernize the office of finance for every knowledge worker, shifting the focus from assembly and processing of data to deriving deep insights from the underlying data.  Leveraging Alteryx enables finance teams to help bring an innovative mindset to process automation, build their own advanced analytics, and help make faster decisions with more robust and current data.

Learn more about PwC’s Virtual Digital Academy which provides an immersive experience for transformation and automation strategies that support deep upskilling across the workforce.


Enabling Financial Data Automation


“Thousands of PwC professionals leverage the power of Alteryx-based automation solutions to help our clients solve important business problems. The Alteryx Platform was an integral part of our firm’s digital transformation. Upskilling people in order to help drive business-changing outcomes is one of the core reasons we formed a strategic relationship with Alteryx.”

Suneet Dua, Chief Product Officer, PwC


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