Alteryx and Amazon Web Services

Alteryx Server on AWS

Through collaboration with Amazon Web Services, the Alteryx Server platform offers a self-service data prep, blending and analytics solution in the public cloud. Alteryx Server enables enterprises to deploy and share analytics at scale, providing business leaders with access to meaningful insights so they can make data-driven decisions in a timely manner.

  • AWS Marketplace Offering

    Organizations can swiftly deploy a pre-configured Alteryx Server on the AWS Marketplace as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go option that does not require any physical infrastructure, all while accelerating time to insight and maintaining enterprise-class security and scalability.

  • Bring Your Own License

    Alternatively, organizations can spin up AWS computing resources to virtually install Alteryx Server using your existing Server license. Both options save days — if not weeks — of work for IT staff by removing the need for any in-house hardware and maintenance.

  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI) Pilot Program

    Organizations interested in evaluating Alteryx Server can take advantage of the Alteryx Server AMI Pilot Program, which provides a combination of AWS resources and the Alteryx Server AMI for up to 60 days. Get started today.

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