Alteryx Analytics

Marketing service providers

Take the delivery of marketing services to a new level; transform more data into profitable revenue opportunities faster than ever before.

Opportunities for marketing service providers, agencies, and advertisers

Serving data aggregators, data compilers, marketing agencies and advertisers, market research companies, and analytics and technology vendors, Alteryx delivers agile business intelligence (BI) software with business analytics that empower MSPs to increase data performance, decrease turn-around time, and expedite the delivery of products and services to internal stakeholders and customers worldwide.

Alteryx offers a single integrated business intelligence platform with a full suite of solutions for data storage, retrieval, extraction, transformation and loading (ETL), reporting, and analysis of spatial and non-spatial data. MSPs can leverage Alteryx to manage and deliver high volumes of data-intensive analytics and services in near real-time.

Get to market faster with profitable data products

Alteryx has decreased the time-to-market for some of the world's leading data providers. Our technology delivers unrivaled speed in accessing and processing data regardless of its size, source, or format. Integrate internal, external, spatial, and non-spatial data with ease, while enabling accurate and fast ad hoc queries, list counts, and order fulfillment. Expedite the delivery of your data products, and enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage while growing your bottom line.

Build and deploy customer-facing applications with ease

Alteryx software is fast, flexible, and very intuitive. Reduce lengthy product development cycles with rapid prototyping; build and deploy workflows without having to re-engineer processes each time. Easily develop and customize proof-of-concepts and content-enabled workflows, and roll-out new data products and customized services faster than ever before.

Bundle with Alteryx for added value and streamlined service delivery

Bundle Alteryx solutions with data assets to provide customers with out-of-the-box access and immediate value from their data. Easily compile data sets from multiple sources and create customized extracts based on customer specifications. Embed data into Alteryx software for streamlined delivery to end users; no need to build and maintain expensive custom platforms.

Capitalize on a technology solution you will not find elsewhere

Get to market faster than ever before with more accuracy, fewer resources, and significant cost savings.

Contact a channel representative today and discover how to benefit from a partnership with Alteryx.

Alteryx technology highlights

  • Extraction, transformation, and loading
    Perform necessary data reading, writing, profiling, and other integration tasks
  • Address hygiene and data quality
    Ensure that all data to be analyzed is correct, complete, and of highest quality possible
  • Advanced analytics
    Explore the meaning, relationships, and trends within the underlying data
  • Spatial processing
    Analyze data for specifically-defined geographies and geometries including points, lines, and polygons
  • Data indexing, storage, and compression
    Store record-level data while performing indexing, compression, table linking, and fast processing and retrieval
  • Reporting and visualization
    Create reports that can include data tables, charts, maps, graphs, images, and other formats

The Alteryx advantage

  • Integration with existing business intelligence and analytic applications
  • Unrivaled speed in accessing and processing data regardless of size or format
  • Integration with third-party data, including data from over 25 market data providers
  • Geospatial processing at the database level for the greatest level of accuracy and speed
  • Flexible and repeatable workflow configuration; build once and use as a repeatable process
  • Fast data analysis; reduce queries from days or hours, to minutes or seconds
  • Robust list enhancement, count, and fulfillment, as well as ad-hoc reporting
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) with a single integrated solution

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