Alteryx and Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Organizations around the world utilize Microsoft SharePoint every day to share, organize, and manage data and content. What happens when analysts want to access, blend or update data stored in SharePoint? Alteryx makes it easy to blend SharePoint list data with other sources of data through direct connectors that give analysts the ability to access data stored in SharePoint or to output list data directly to SharePoint.

  • Blending data from SharePoint with other sources of data

    Combine data from the desktop, cloud, or database with SharePoint list data in a single Alteryx workflow to create the most complete analytical dataset.

  • Instantly update and output data to SharePoint

    The Alteryx workflow environment allows analysts to build an analytic dataset once and then run, automate and schedule that process to output to SharePoint for instant updating of list data.

  • Improve data consistency in a managed environment

    Keep your organization’s SharePoint files up to date through consistent scheduling of Alteryx workflow jobs to ensure that users are working on the most current list data in SharePoint.

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