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Alteryx Partner Program is a global framework that makes it simple and easy to develop the expertise you need to impress your customers. The program also provides you with robust incentives to develop a profitable business practice around Alteryx. 

As a valued partner, you’ll have access to a comprehensive collection of technical, sales, and marketing resources to grow your customer base and service engagements. You’ll be rewarded with deal registration protection, attractive discounts, and free Alteryx training and certification, so your sales and technical teams are experts on all Alteryx offerings. 

As part of our Alteryx Partner Program, Alteryx offers a tiered program structure with benefits that increase as your sales success, product knowledge, and technical expertise flourish. Program requirements are designed to recognize your investment in delivering solutions that drive user success. The higher the partnership tier, the greater the combined commitment and collaborative resources to achieve and sustain the partnership momentum. 


Alteryx Partner Program Associate

Associate Partner

Associate Partners are interested in building Alteryx solutions and services into their business. Program benefits at this level help you develop technical competencies (certifications), initiate successful Alteryx business practices and build sustainable customer engagement models.

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Preferred Partner

Preferred Partners are expanding their Alteryx business by demonstrating an established Alteryx practice. Preferred Partners exemplify their competency with Alteryx through a combination of product knowledge, technical expertise, and sales achievement. Program benefits for Preferred Partners are enhanced to reflect an expanded commitment.

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Premier Partner

Premier Partners have achieved the highest level within the Alteryx Partner Program by demonstrating technical and sales expertise and building a track record of successful Alteryx customer engagements. Premier Partners are tightly aligned with Alteryx sales and marketing priorities and proactively promote the Alteryx brand. In return, Alteryx rewards Premier Partners with the program’s highest sales incentives, marketing opportunities, and support resources.

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