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The Alteryx Partner Program

The Alteryx Partner Program is focused on developing strong alliances with partners interested in one of the highest growth segments in the technology industry – Data Science & Advanced Analytics Platforms. We’ve made it simple for you to work with us with a flexible and generous partner program. Even though we work with many partners globally, you’ll feel supported every step of the way.

Alteryx offers a tiered program structure for partners committed to reselling and/or referring Alteryx business. Program benefits grow as partners increase their revenue commitment, platform knowledge, and technical expertise. Program requirements are designed to recognize a partner’s investment in delivering solutions that drive joint success. The higher the partnership tier, the greater the combined commitment and collaborative resources to achieve and sustain the partnership momentum.


Referral Partners are interested in recommending the Alteryx platform but don’t want the responsibility of managing all of the activities related to finalizing the sale, customer billing and support. This tier requires the smallest commitment from the partner and is a great way to begin the journey to a higher tier.



Associate Partners are interested in building a business model that includes the Alteryx Platform and services. Program benefits at this level are designed to help partners initiate successful Alteryx business practices and build sustainable customer engagement models.



Preferred Partners are continuing to expand their Alteryx platform solution and services business. Preferred Partners show a demonstrated commitment to Alteryx through a combination of platform knowledge, technical expertise and sales achievement. Program benefits for Preferred Partners have been enhanced to reflect their expanded commitment.



The Premier tier is the highest achievement level within the Alteryx Partner Program. Premier-level Partners exhibit a significant commitment to Alteryx and have a proven track record of delivering the highest value to customers. Premier Partners also demonstrate broad expertise in the Alteryx platform and consistently achieve application development and/or revenue targets. Alteryx rewards Premier Partners with the program’s highest sales incentives, marketing opportunities, and support resources.