Alteryx and Qlik

Accelerated Data Preparation for Qlik

Preparing data for visualizations can be slow and tedious, and with the growing volume of requests and sources of data this becomes more of a problem. Hence, data preparation and analytics done without a systematic and scalable approach risks huge amounts of time and resources. Streamlining, consolidating and automating these tasks gives you the high quality data and time you need for better visualizations. Alteryx provides an intuitive, drag and drop workflow that makes it easy and fast to create the dataset you need. And once data is prepared in Alteryx, the workflow can be used over again or shared throughout the organization.

  • Join ALL Your Data Sources

    Alteryx gives analysts direct access to data of any type or any source to help deliver a more complete view of the insight needed to make more informed decisions.

  • Prepare and Clean Data Faster

    Remove and correct bad data with tools for dealing with null data and data inconsistency. Transform data for analysis, and even pre-process and filter it to make the most of your resources.

  • Iterate and Share

    Alteryx outputs in .QVX format, which is immediately usable in QlikView and Qlik Sense. Don’t repeat the data preparation process every time the data changes. Data is treated consistently and the refresh process is automated.

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