Alteryx and Tableau

Enhance Visualizations with Advanced Analytics

Predictive and spatial analytics are best explained through interactive visualizations like Tableau. However, advanced analytics traditionally have only been accessible to data scientists and experts with coding knowledge. Alteryx makes advanced analytics accessible to every analyst by providing tools for self-service data analytics in an easy drag and drop workflow. Feed your Tableau visualizations with predictive, statistical and spatial analytics, no coding required.

  • Easily Apply Predictive Analytics

    Use over 30 predictive tools based on R code, including logistic regression, association analysis, decision tree, and more in an easy drag and drop user interface, no coding required.

  • Create Custom R Tools

    While Alteryx enables data analysts with advanced analytical tools, the ability to create custom predictive tools is also included. Include R code in a workflow and package up custom R tools to share across your organization.

  • Deliver Granular Spatial Analytics

    Easily integrate location data, geocode for analysis and combine with other data. Analysts can create analytic elements such as trade areas, drive times, and coordinates.

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