Alteryx and Tableau

Faster Data Blending for Tableau

Data preparation can be slow and tedious, and with the growing volume and velocity of data this is true now more than ever. Get to visualizations and business insight faster with an easy way to prepare, blend, and analyze your data — including cloud data, local data and big data sources — using a repeatable workflow. Data is blended through drag and drop tools in an easy user interface, enabling faster data blending. And once data is blended in Alteryx, the workflow can be used and over again or shared throughout the organization, meaning data blending doesn’t start from scratch every time the data changes.

  • Clean and Shape Data Faster

    Don't let data cleansing slow down business insight. Remove and correct bad data with tools for dealing with null data and data inconsistency, as well as tools that filter data, resulting in smaller and more focused datasets.

  • Join ALL your data sources

    Pull in multiple data sources and types including Excel, Salesforce, cloud data warehouses, SQL databases and on premise data storage. Further integrate your data with specialized tools.

  • Iterate and Share

    Don't repeat the data blending process every time the data changes. By blending data within a workflow and outputting to a Tableau extract, underlying data is treated consistently and the refresh process is automated.

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