Alteryx and Tableau

Optimize Tableau Server with Alteryx

As your organization grows, your analytics and visualizations will need to keep the pace. Alteryx workflows easily convert to Tableau extracts, optimizing enterprise scale business intelligence with Tableau Server. By converting blended data to a compressed Tableau data extract, data is quickly and easily updatable for all visualizations — meaning speedier updates. Workflows can be scheduled to refresh data for Tableau Server and are sharable so that the value of analysts can be extended to scale throughout an organization and with Tableau Server user growth.

  • Improve Performance

    Blended data sets mean smaller, trimmed datasets and by converting to a compressed TDE file, the process of updating your Tableau visualization is quick and simple.

  • Shareable Workflows

    Alteryx extends the value of the data analyst across functional business areas. Workflows are repeatable, modifiable and shareable, which means data blending work doesn't need to be duplicated for each visualization.

  • Directly Publish Updates

    Alteryx supports direct publishing of Tableau data extracts to Tableau Server.

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