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Business analysts are increasingly called upon to perform advanced analytics. Their position enables them to get deeper into the business issues and follow up questions that need to be answered to make the right decisions. But to bring the scale companies need, the technology used to get these answers has to be accessible and intuitive for these users. Together Alteryx and Qlik accelerate data preparation and the delivery of advanced predictive and spatial analytics to business users in a self-service, searchable BI & discovery environment, while reducing IT burden.

On Demand Webinar: Adventist Health System

Building a Healthier, Thriving Analytics Ecosystem with Alteryx and Qlik

A national leader in quality, safety and patient satisfaction, Adventist Health System is a firm believer in using analytics to better deliver on its mission. Discover how the combination of Alteryx and Qlik provides Adventist with business-critical insights and how leveraging self-service analytics delivers on a initiative of transparency, creating a thriving and fully-embraced culture of analytics for everyone at Adventist.


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Building a Healthier, Thriving Analytics Ecosystem with Alteryx and Qlik

Customer Case Study: Ford

Case Study: Enabling Transformational Change

Companies in all markets are faced with the challenge of combining a myriad of legacy technologies with the power of new analytics technologies to solve data and analytic problems. Ford Motor Company was no different. Learn how Ford created an analytic ecosystem that integrates Alteryx, Qlik, and talent to enable transformational change across the enterprise.


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Case Study: Enabling Transformational Change