Platform Services

The foundation for analytics automation success

A platform should adapt to your needs, not the other way around. The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform is based on enterprise-class services to help you tailor your path to success.

Prep. Blend. Repeat.

Data Connectors

Less effort building data pipelines means more time improving outcomes. Hundreds of data connectors to the most popular and common applications, databases, and public clouds are offered which simplifies and speeds the initial stages of any analytics automation use case.
Platform Services

Meets the highest standards

Security and Governance

An analytics platform must meet or exceed expectations for respecting customer data. The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform adheres to the highest standards, including provisions for data protection, security, privacy, compliance, trust, reliability, and sustainability.
Platform- Services

Reliably rinse and repeat

Scheduling and Orchestration

Analysts and data engineers can collaborate, automate, and connect workflows, speeding up projects and saving time. Decision makers and systems requiring timely updates receive them reliably without manual oversight, with status notifications available via Slack and other messaging services.
Platform Services

Share, Learn, Scale

Collaboration & Versioning

Everyone can contribute based on domain and data expertise. This leads to sharing, which helps teammates onboard faster. Other groups can leverage the same assets to accelerate their journeys to analytics success. Workflows are versioned to ensure lineage is documented.
Platform services

Consistent, Reusable Metrics

Metrics Store

Helps analysts and data engineers create, customize, and share a catalog of business metrics consumable by any BI tool or application. Templates for common metrics are included, and you can customize these or create your own based on an accurate view of the underlying data.
Platform Services

Power new data-driven apps


APIs enable the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform to inform other systems programmatically. Developers and data architects can bring new data-driven applications to market faster and at less cost by embedding Platform functions.
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