The Power of Alteryx Plans

Automate and Operationalize Your Data Workflows

Now anyone can collaborate to develop and automate complex data workflows.


Within Designer Cloud, Plans allow anyone to operationalize and automate data workflows, with options for parallel or conditional execution, as well as pre- and post-processing.

Conditional/Parallel Support

Execute tasks based on specified conditions or execute in parallel to save time.


Proactive Monitoring/Alerting

Connect data workflows with messaging services (like Slack, Teams, email, or PagerDuty). Then, receive proactive alerts when issues arise that may impact downstream fitness of data (such as changes to schema or distribution).


Cross-Business Collaboration

Share and collaborate on Plans with others, making it easy to review, approve, or contribute expertise to speed up workflow design.

Apr 5 - 12
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The Office of Finance: Save Time with Automation

Accounting, auditing, and tax have tons of mundane and repeatable processes; about 26 hours per week are wasted on manual work in spreadsheets. So, why not automate these? Join the experts from Data Meaning to learn how to identify and create fast solutions for automating your job and freeing up your time to take care of real business.

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Mar 30
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Creating a Modern Culture of Analytics with Slalom

Special guest from Slalom and Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson lay out a clear, simple road map for building a successful culture of analytics.

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Workforce Upskilling
Analytics Automation
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Boost Your Management Productivity with the Updated Alteryx Licensing and Downloads Portal

Transform the way you access and manage your Alteryx products with the all-new Enterprise Ready Alteryx Licensing and Downloads portal.

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Get ready to unlock hidden insights in your data.