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Data Science Model Production System

Alteryx Promote

Building predictive models is hard work. Deploying them shouldn’t be. The typical cycle of deploying predictive models can be an error prone, labor intensive, multi-step approach that can take weeks or even months to deploy- and at the same time costing organizations tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Data Science in Practice

Alteryx Promote provides end-to-end data science system for developing, deploying and managing predictive models and real-time decision APIs. It allows data scientists and analytics teams to build, manage and deploy predictive models to production faster — and more reliably — without writing any custom deployment code.

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Alteryx Promote


Deploy Predictive models into production

Alteryx Promote makes deploying a predictive model easy with the click of a button regardless of your skillset.

Alteryx Promote - Flexibility for Data Scientists and Business Analysts

Flexibility for Data Scientists and Business Analysts

Delivering R and Python models is immediately accessible via standard REST API without recoding or utilize the code free environment of Alteryx Designer to build and deploy models.

Embed Models with Ease

Embedding models into production apps is as simple as sending an auto-generated code snippet to your dev team. Embed predictive models in any application capable of making REST API requests.

Real-time or Batch

Execute real-time predictions in low-latency applications or use batch mode for bulk offline scoring.



Manage Models from development to production

Alteryx Promote allows users to evaluate and test models to ensure that once models are put into production they deliver the best performance and impact on the business.

Alteryx Promote - Model Versioning

Model Versioning

Ensure you are working with the most recent model through version control and tracking to facilitate organized collaboration. Instate a new model via a hot-switch or roll-back to a previous version with the click of a button.

Unit Testing

Confirm that your source code operates properly with automatic unit testing before deployment. Unit test new models without interfering with existing models running in production applications.



Understand the effectiveness of your models

Alteryx Promote lets users monitor the performance and health of their production based models to ensure the effectiveness of the models.

Alteryx Promote - Model Performance

Model Performance

Access traffic and summary statistics of models running in production. Pinpoint and resolve model errors with speed and precision.

Input/Output Auditing

Track and compare model inputs and predictions over time. Inspect individual model inputs and outputs for easy auditing.

System Health Overview

Monitor the stability of your models and servers in real time. Alteryx Promote ships with a variety of system and model checks in one centralized view.



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