Alteryx Server FIPS

Share, scale, and automate your analytic processes in a FIPS-capable environment

Analytics Automation at Scale

  • Share and govern your analytic workflow processes, models, and data
  • Deploy analytic capabilities in a FIPS capable environment
  • Create workflows with Alteryx Designer-FIPS, and publish them to Alteryx Server-FIPS to schedule reporting and automated outcomes
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Automate Critical Analytic Processes

  • Publish analytic workflows, processes, and models to Alteryx Server-FIPS.
  • Automate workflows and leverage repeatability for maximum impact.
  • Meet security requirements with FIPS capability.
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Scale Agency and Department-Wide

  • Alteryx Server-FIPS provides a flexible architecture that scales with your analytics
  • Schedule analytic processing workflows to automatically deliver outcomes to reporting and visualization platforms.
  • Orchestrate workflows to run at scale by deploying Alteryx Server on premise, in the cloud, or on hybrid infrastructures


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Share, Collaborate, and Create 

  • Enable users with permissions to share and update workflows created in Designer or develop rich analytic apps that can be delivered across the organization
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Whiskey & Analytics

In person event that pairs whiskey and the democratizing power of predictive analytics. Alteryx and eSolytics will demonstrate how the full Alteryx platform allows you to understand the world of whisky.

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Dec 6

How Symphony Care Makes Better, Faster Decisions with Automated Insights

Join this live webinar to see how automated insights can help you uncover hidden trends in data – even when you aren’t sure where to look.

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Assess Your Analytics Maturity

Get a better understanding of where you stand on the analytics maturity scale – and where you want to be.
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