Angelica H

Solving with Alteryx since 2022

Automate Your ETL/ELT

A self-service, scalable solution for your data.

Angelica H

Solving with Alteryx since 2022

Extract / Load / Transform

With access to hundreds of data connectors, analysts and data engineers can quickly build pipelines that extract and load internal and external sources into targets such as cloud data warehouses. Transforming data into a form suitable for analytics is just as easy.

ETL or ELT? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you prefer ETL or ELT, Alteryx can help you quickly and easily prepare data and build end-to-end data pipelines. 
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Build Automated and Scalable Data Pipelines

Build, orchestrate, and automate robust ETL/ELT data pipelines at any scale. Connect to over 180 data sources, load them to the destination of your choice, transform the data, and automatically publish outputs to downstream applications.
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Enable Self-Service ETL/ELT

With Alteryx, anyone can onboard raw data and transform it using a visual, intuitive interface.
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Automating ELT with Designer Cloud

PepsiCo accelerated report generation by 90%, using Designer Cloud to automate the process of extracting, loading, and transforming data to standardize reports from 3rd party retailers.
Apr 5 - 12
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The Office of Finance: Save Time with Automation

Accounting, auditing, and tax have tons of mundane and repeatable processes; about 26 hours per week are wasted on manual work in spreadsheets. So, why not automate these? Join the experts from Data Meaning to learn how to identify and create fast solutions for automating your job and freeing up your time to take care of real business.

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Analytics Automation
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Mar 30
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Creating a Modern Culture of Analytics with Slalom

Special guest from Slalom and Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson lay out a clear, simple road map for building a successful culture of analytics.

Analytics Leader
Workforce Upskilling
Analytics Automation
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The Kickoff: Soccer and Analytics

Join us as we take a riveting in-depth look at what analytics have to tell us about the upcoming football playoff.

Entertainment & Media
Analytics Automation
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Transform Your Analytics

Get ready to unlock hidden insights in your data.