Jamie B.

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Jamie B.

Alteryx user since 2017

Open, Self-Service Data Engineering

Democratize data engineering across your organization with an open and interactive cloud platform for data engineers and analysts to collaboratively profile, prepare, and pipeline data for analytics and machine learning. 
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Data Profiling

Profile, Prepare, and Pipeline Your Data

  • Explore and assess the content and quality of any dataset. 
  • Accelerate and visualize data transformations with predictive, real-time previews. 
  • Build, deploy, and manage automated data pipelines in minutes.  

Work Within Your Existing Architecture

Connect to any data source, across all major cloud data platforms, and integrate seamlessly into your existing data stack. Because Designer Cloud is not tied to any one data architecture, execution environment, or security framework, you have the freedom to choose the best solution for your team and your business. 
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Experience the Power of Interactive Data Transformation

Designer Cloud provides an interactive, visual user experience with AI/ML-based suggestions to guide you and your data teams through the exploration and transformation of any dataset. 

Build Powerful, Self-Service Data Pipelines

Designer Cloud lets both technical and non-technical data workers collaborate in a no-code/low-code environment, removing bottlenecks and leveraging the collective wisdom of the organization. 
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Deploy at Scale in the Cloud

Analytic innovators increasingly rely on data engineering as mission critical. Designer Cloud delivers an enterprise grade platform with unlimited scalability, built-in governance, and best-in-class security.
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Crossing the Analytics and AI Chasm

Four steps to accelerate your data analytics transformation.

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How to Coordinate and Automate Complex Data Workflows Across the Cloud

Looking to deepen your data automation & orchestration? Designer Cloud brings the opportunity to schedule unlimited, parallel orchestration across your data workflows.

Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta
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White paper

Avoid Strategic Mistakes in Enterprise Analytics

Read this insight paper from Radiant Advisors to learn the biggest mistakes data executives make and how to avoid them.

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Assess Your Analytics Maturity

Get a better understanding of where you stand on the analytics maturity scale – and where you want to be.
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