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A unified approach to analytics, data science, and process automation.


Designer Cloud

Empower everyone to transform data into business insights in one unified platform, accessible from anywhere, at any time.

  • Automate data preparation
  • Enable self-service analytics and create workflows in the Cloud
  • Integrate with modern Cloud systems and applications
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From data prep to predictive, automate every step of your analytics.

  • Find powerful insights with low-code, no-code analytics automation designed for ease of use
  • Access any data source — big or small, in the cloud or on-premises
  • Create repeatable, interactive processes with 300+ drag-and-drop automation building blocks
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Intelligence Suite

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you can unlock hidden insights in your semi-structured and unstructured data.

  • Unlock Data from PDFs and Images
  • Use text analytics to unearth insights buried within text and documents
  • Automate the modeling process
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Machine Learning

Scale analytics across your business with automated machine learning (AutoML) and feature engineering, empowering business domain experts to accelerate insights.

  • Start building models with intuitive, approachable machine learning
  • Uncover hidden signals
  • Build trusted models quickly with built-in feature libraries
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Auto Insights

Give business teams the power to find breakthrough moments hidden deep in data.

  • Quickly surface automated insights and exceptions to focus on what matters across the organization
  • Surface hidden signals in your data that would have gone unnoticed in traditional visualization tools
  • Enable anyone to derive impactful data storytelling to speed actions and decisions in the business
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Location Intelligence

Empower everyone to transform spatial data into insights with self-service cloud-native geospatial analytics.

  • Combine, prepare, and enrich spatial data sources for location-based insights.
  • Use cloud based geospatial analytics to become more resilient, to optimize operations and improve location-based decision making.
  • Create and share spatial based insights across the organization.
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Save, search, and access every asset in one place.

  • Find the latest reports, datasets, and analytic apps you need to make business decisions
  • Collaborate across departments and keeps all your assets, workflows, apps, and more governed and organized
  • Create a common repository for everyone to find and share data and analytics
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Scale, share, and automate your analytic processes.

  • Share and govern your analytic workflow processes, models, and data
  • Schedule automated reporting and outcomes
  • Empower users to share and update workflows
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Cloud Execution for Desktop

Save, schedule and execute workflows built in Designer with the Alteryx Analytics Cloud

  • Develop in desktop, manage and execute with cloud
  • Leverage on-prem for success in the cloud
  • Private data handling
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Location & Business Insights Datasets

Alteryx Location and Business Insights are prepackaged datasets from trusted market
providers that help you immediately transform any analysis.

  • Access relevant data
  • Enrich your analysis
  • Drag-and-drop your way to insights
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Designer FIPS

Automate every step of your analytics with a FIPS 140 Compatible version of Designer.

  • Deliver powerful insights with repeatable, low-code, no-code analytics automation using hundreds of building blocks
  • Integrate with dozens of data sources
  • Track each step of the analytic process with a visual canvas that documents the analysis
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Server FIPS

Scale, share, and automate your analytic processes.

  • Govern and share analytic workflow processes, models, and data
  • Deploy advanced analytic capabilities in a FIPS-capable environment
  • Create workflows, schedule reporting, and automate outcomes with Alteryx Designer-FIPS
  • Deploy on premises, in the cloud, or on hybrid infrastructures
  • Scale analytics across your organization
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