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Alteryx Auto Insights

Data to Insight in One Best-In-Class Product

Uncover root cause explanations for your business results in minutes. Share your intuitive data story with anyone. Make better, faster decisions at-scale.

Make Better, Faster Decisions, Effortlessly. At Scale.

Dashboards provide great high-level summaries of metrics, but most decision-makers need to go one step further to understand the “why” behind their results. Avoid time-consuming BI development cycles required to generate insights beyond traditional dashboards. Prevent the inevitable back and forth between data experts and business domain experts to arrive at actionable insights.

Save Time

Avoid BI development time. Reduce your backlog. Eliminate the back-and-forth between data experts and business domain experts to answer pressing questions.

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Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a data expert. You don’t need BI development skills. No queries are required. Your metric drivers are explained clearly.

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Powerful Insights

Understand the biggest change drivers for metrics without asking questions. Uncover root causes quickly to make better decisions in the future.

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Root Cause Analysis

Automatically analyze your key drivers in seconds to understand why your metrics are increasing or decreasing over time or compared to past periods.


Data Storytelling

Auto Insights uses robust natural language generation (NLG) to summarize and explain your business results in clear, simple natural language & intuitive data visualizations without any development or coding required.


Subscribe & Share

Share your insights and rich data story with everyone who needs to see it, when they need to see it, directly to their inbox.


Generative AI Communications

Rapidly develop communications – from e-mails to Powerpoint presentations – for any audience, with just a few clicks. Combine trusted analytical insights with generative AI content development to convey your most critical insights, in minutes.


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Leading home improvement company based in London uses Alteryx to attract and retain talent and improve employee satisfaction.
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Conheça uma solução inovadora para gerar visualizações de dados de forma automática, que pode ser aproveitada por todos.
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Caso de uso
Bill Reporting
Give finance teams fast and actionable insights and minimize mundane bill reporting
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  • Alteryx Auto Insights
  • Aumento da receita líquida
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