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Scalable Data Governance

Keep up with growing analytic access demand while ensuring you’re keeping a handle on data security.

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As more users access and use data in your organization, data governance grows in importance. By balancing data governance with self-service access to analytics, you can make progress on the road to both analytics transformation and digital transformation.
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Risk Reduction

Scale self-service analytics and data access without losing control
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Efficiency Gains

Implement data governance strategy that doesn’t become a bottleneck for analytic access
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Workforce Upskilling

Create a culture of analytics understanding and data governance best practices
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Bottom-Line Returns

Stop reinventing the wheel and implement analytic access and data security across the organization
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Customer Experience

Get the most out of customer data while ensuring data security

Business Problem

When your organization embraces data and digital transformation, employees in almost all roles get involved. Whether they’re running a simple query, automating a process, building a dashboard, formatting a report, or training a predictive model, their hands are on the data. Applications that enable self-service for business users and tools that facilitate complex analysis are a big part of this data democratization.

But without proper mechanisms to govern the use of data, you can suddenly find too many cooks in the wrong kitchens. You run the risk of hampering productivity through improper data use. Sloppy data handling can lead to data security breaches and subsequently IT deciding to revert back to the model of leaving data in silos, where it was less vulnerable and less prone to misuse.

Alteryx Solution

The right solution strikes the balance between the access that users want and the governance that IT and management want. With analytics you can ensure that the right data is accessible to the right people at the right time.

In the modern paradigm, governance isn’t meant to control or build a wall around data, but instead to provide guardrails. Smart companies use analytics to enable users to leverage data, while at the same time ensuring that users adhere to guidelines, follow basic principles, and practice accountability. Once that balance is in place, business leaders can promote analytic innovations and use cases aligned with the rest of the organization.

We were able to clean our data much more effectively, improve overall data integrity, and connect disparate data sets to build a model that helped our client identify and prioritize the best accounts to target for their ABM initiatives.

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