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Are you one of millions of analysts wasting seven hours a week manually updating spreadsheets? Tired of losing 44% of your time to unsuccessful data activities?

The reason is simple. You’re using the wrong solution.

Spreadsheets weren’t built for complex analytics — kind of like your weeks weren’t built for hair-pulling prep + blend sessions. Self-service analytics platforms offer a way to break free and experience a better world of analytics.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why using spreadsheets in 2019 is like using a typewriter instead of a lightning-fast laptop
  • How to reclaim your time + transform your analytics
  • How to achieve common spreadsheet functions in Alteryx in a fraction of the time
  • Real-life success stories of ditching the spreadsheet and experiencing a better analytics lifestyle

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  • Mindi Grissom
    Mindi Grissom

    Product Evangelist

“Your boss doesn’t realize how long data prep is currently taking you. In fact, 80% of analysis time is spent on data prep. This leaves very little time to actually analyze the data.”  

— Mindi Grissom, Product Evangelist, Alteryx

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