New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows how organizations are using (or failing to use) analytics. Their key finding: 55% of organizations believe data analytics is extremely important today, and 92% believe it will be even more important two years from now. Yet just over 30% of organizations are satisfied with the analytics tools they use.

The problem boils down to three main issues: data literacy, IT bottlenecks, and the inadequacy of legacy tools. 

Check out Harvard Business Review Analytic Services’s newest report, “Scaling Analytics Across the Organization,” to discover:

  • How to overcome these roadblocks with automated, easy-to-use, scalable solutions, such as Analytic Process Automation (APA)
  • Clear first steps toward building a culture of analytics to achieve your goals and surpass the competition
  • How to position your organization to achieve democratized insights and faster decision-making

Unlock the insights your organization needs. Download the report.

“A majority of organizations — 63% — rely on IT and analytics groups for the data analysis they need for decision-making. None, however, report satisfaction with any aspect of either group’s responsibilities, from response speed to work quality.”  

— "Scaling Analytics Across the Organization,” Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

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