Research from the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services is quantifying the value of self-service analytics across the enterprise. The survey examines the challenges and successes of over 600 business and IT leaders who are using data analytics.

Download this HBR report to learn about:

  • Taking charge of the entire analytical process, instead of relying on other departments
  • Overcoming limitations of legacy tools to save time and prevent errors
  • Making more comprehensive and insightful business decisions at speed
  • How organizations like Southwest Airlines use self-service analytics

Businesses around the world are overcoming their data challenges with modern analytics to deliver the right data for faster, more accurate business insights. Read the report now.

"Our self-service tools are user-friendly and intuitive, and they empower users to integrate across multiple data sources to discover business information and innovate with their data."
— Preethi Elango, Enterprise Data Strategist, Southwest Airlines, in "The Untapped Power of Self-Service Analytics"