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Coca-Cola + Alteryx

Taste the Feeling: Coca-Cola + Alteryx


More than 1.9 billion Coca-Cola beverages are enjoyed daily around the globe. Coca-Cola uses Alteryx to unlock the value of the deluge of corresponding data.

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One of Coca-Cola’s largest customers is comprised of thousands of franchise restaurants across the U.S. Each restaurant owner who uses the new Freestyle machine requires a personalized view of their sales and beverage usage to optimize their inventory and reduce out-of-stocks.


Jay Caplan, senior manager of global business analytics, uses Alteryx to collate historical data across the U.S., analyze findings, and automatically generate and send personalized reports to more than 600 restaurants, empowering owners to understand their business and drive increased profit margins.


“I can’t imagine doing my job without Alteryx,” Jay insists. “Nor would I want to,” he adds with a smile.


By the Numbers

1.9 Billion Coca-Cola beverages enjoyed daily

600+ personalized inventory-optimization reports

THOUSANDS of franchises across the U.S. supported with Alteryx


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