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Monoprix Data, A New Asset of the Sales Force


Alteryx + Monoprix

French distribution chain Monoprix is behind the emergence of the ‘department store’ concept in France. This major stakeholder in convenience stores, belonging to the Casino group, comprises 632 stores of varying formats (monop’, monop’ beauty and Naturalia are the best known) and employs more than 21,000 employees.

As part of its digitalization project, Monoprix sought a solution that harnessed data to optimize its promotional campaigns. The company chose Alteryx to forecast the sale of promotional products, anticipate supplies, reduce stock shortages and analyze customer behavior.

“As a business analyst, my role is to analyze data in order to define the brand’s promotional strategy. Working with different teams and on different projects, I needed a tool that, without knowing how to code, would enable me to quickly take advantage of the data at our disposal,” explained Leslie Busson. “A complete overhaul of the architecture of our promotional system was underway at Monoprix and this required industrialization of our promotion production. So, we turned to Alteryx,” she continued.


Establishing a data culture for all

Monoprix’s digital transformation took place in two stages. The first consisted of automating the promotional mechanism, which involved transforming all the related data processes. The second involved enhancing the promotions, taking into account predictive logics, to predict the potential of a promotion based on predefined variables (product types, seasonality, etc.).

Within Monoprix, if a data culture exists, until now it has been the domain of the IT department. Implementation of the Alteryx platform has enabled the different departments to reclaim this tool. Intuitive and easy to use, it is accessible to all types of users, enabling them to manipulate data and develop their skills. Previously, teams relied on tools such as Excel, which lacked flexibility and did not meet their needs or level of maturity, which had gradually evolved. Alteryx’s solution is a real time saver and allows its users to focus on high value-added tasks such as annual promotion analysis. Thus, there is no need to repeat the same promotions every year, as teams can now identify which product categories are the most relevant for promotion and measure results more easily and quickly.

Additionally, partners such as the Information Lab have enabled the brand to leverage previously untapped Alteryx modules and develop complex workflows. Monoprix is thus developing a predictive model for forecasting performance in order to ascertain how much a product on promotion will generate. The company is also working on the creation of a planogram that would make it possible to visualize placement of different products in the store (whether at the head of a display, on shelf, etc.) and to recommend precisely which ones to implement during a promotional operation.

“Appropriation of data by the different departments is being done gradually. Whereas at the beginning we gave the impression of stepping outside our scope and respective roles, we have been able to demonstrate that we are able to appropriate the data, use it and manage its production. Little by little, we have established mutual trust with the IT department, which has become a real asset in our transformation; the results are clear!”, she explained.

Today, the Alteryx community within Monoprix comprises nearly 35 people across different departments. Some twenty of them work with the performance department; others in the digital transformation department (which is responsible for promotions, customer experience and business analysis) and others in management control, supply chain and even in store. Expansion of this user base prompts the team to think about how to better structure it, in particular by organizing days called ‘Data Days’, during which everyone presents their data-use cases and best practices.

“Given that not all of us have a technical background, in fact far from it, we know we can count on each other and the Alteryx community internationally. Digital transformation is a subject everyone is talking about, which can be very complex when you don’t know where to start. Benefiting from everyone’s feedback is a real asset!” She concluded.


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