Top 10 Criteria for Analytics, Data Science & Process Automation


Your Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Right Platform

You know you need technology to automate analytic processes and complete your digital transformation. And it’s got to be more than just a point solution. But what are the key criteria for that platform — and how can you be sure it prioritizes business outcomes?

This guide reveals how to choose a self-service analytics platform to conquer any challenge. Measure it in ten separate ways against three distinct pillars — data, people, and processes — to see how well it’ll help you:

  • Automate complex and tedious processes
  • Empower teams to independently solve everyday challenges
  • Share data across your organization, so you can focus on business outcomes

Download now and start driving new business outcomes.

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5 Real-World Examples of Analytics Automation That Produced ROI

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Five Reasons Spreadsheet Users Will Love Cloud Analytics

Don’t let manual analytic processes in spreadsheets take up all your time and drive you crazy. See five ways Designer Cloud can help you save time and your sanity.

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5 Use Cases to Help FP&A Professionals Take Back Their Time

Manual FP&A processes driving you crazy — and taking up all your time? Get the e-book and see five FP&A processes you can streamline to save time, create better forecasts, and make better decisions.

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