Blueprint for Building a Successful Center of Excellence

Build and scale an ROI-producing, self-service analytics strategy across your organization.


You know what makes a company’s analytics strategy successful? A strong Center of Excellence (CoE).

With the right process, anyone can build one.

This e-book provides you with an easy-to-follow blueprint that you can use to build one, too.

It will help you:

  • Identify and align teams around a good starter use case
  • Create a self-service model that serves the entire organization
  • Scale your strategy across departments and amplify your success

Inspire and empower people to build off your work. Empower your organization to use more and more features of an analytic process automation platform.

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5 Real-World Examples of Analytics Automation That Produced ROI

See how analytics automation solve problems stemming from multiple data sources, manual processes issues, slow reporting, governance, and scaling — all while delivering measurable ROI.

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5 Reasons for Spreadsheet Users_dynamic
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Five Reasons Spreadsheet Users Will Love Cloud Analytics

Don’t let manual analytic processes in spreadsheets take up all your time and drive you crazy. See five ways Designer Cloud can help you save time and your sanity.

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Alteryx Analytics Cloud
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Deliver Value in Three Areas of Operations

Deliver value across your planning and logistics departments with these three machine learning use cases.

Data Science & Machine Learning
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