manufacturing e-book LP
Manufacturing eBook:

See Results From Your Analytic Investments

Investing in new analytics technology delivers results. See where you should focus your analytical efforts in manufacturing and the results leading companies saw from their initiatives

manufacturing e-book LP

Manufacturing organizations that invest in new analytics technology are more likely to succeed.

The problem?

“Only 4 percent of manufacturers are the first to try” new forms of analytics.

So, how do you get others on board with approving spend for new analytics initiatives?

This e-book explores how, focusing on:

  • Why investing in new analytics delivers results
  • Where you should focus your analytical efforts in manufacturing
  • The results leading companies achieved using their investments

See how you can start investing in analytics automation and improve manufacturing outcomes.

Companies that saw success during disruption were 2.5 times more likely to report they had preexisting advanced-analytics.


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