Speed Up Business Decisions with Analytic Apps

See how anyone can use analytic apps to generate self-service reports, visualizations, models, and more to save time and get the answers they — and others — need.

McKinsey reports that winning businesses “make good decisions fast, execute them quickly, and see higher growth rates and/or overall returns from their decisions.”

Yet, the obstacle that gets in the way of doing that for most business leaders is access to the right information.

Analytic apps remove the obstacles and help businesses create an analytics strategy to make good, fast decisions. This e-book provides a high-level overview of what analytic apps are and how anyone can:

  • Convert analytic processes into analytic apps using any workflow created in Alteryx Designer
  • Accelerate business decisions by creating true self-service analytics for organizations, including data science
  • Eliminate duplication by centralizing secure access to all apps and processes created within an organization

Make good decisions fast. Download the analytic app e-book.