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Alteryx Beats SAS Enterprise on Ease of Use

Alteryx pulled a 4.5/5 rating while SAS Enterprise received only 4.2/5. Get the whole picture.

	SAS Grab Program_Landing Page

If you’re a SAS Enterprise customer, before you pay to migrate hundreds of seats to the cloud, you’ll want to look at this.

It’s a G2 Crowd Report that directly compares SAS with Alteryx. And Alteryx wins hands-down on ease of use — which typically means more users and better insights — as well as:

  • Self-service
  • Prepping and blending
  • Reports

Why pay to migrate SAS seats to the cloud, when you can easily get your whole team on easy, drag-and-drop Alteryx — whether you “go cloud” or not?

Compare Alteryx vs. SAS — including ratings for self-service, the key to actionable insights.


Alteryx vs SAS: Gartner Peer Insights Report

Alteryx vs. SAS: Get side-by-side ratings on ease of use, capabilities, and more.

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