Center for Digital Government Brief

How Government Can Unleash the Power of Data + Analytics


State and local governments collect mounds of data, but this gold mine of information is rarely tapped due to lack of expertise and inefficient technology. If you work at the intersection of data and government, how can you shift from outdated, ineffective ways of managing data to unlocking its hidden value?

In this brief from the Center for Digital Government, you will discover:

  • Traditional challenges with government analytics — from aging technology to a skills gap
  • How progressive public sector organizations, like the City of Tallahassee, are investing in modern technology to deliver powerful insights from data
  • Your game plan for the democratization of government data

It’s time to uncover the power of analytics for your government organization. Unlock the data you and your team have been sitting on and start making data-driven decisions.

City employees are no longer satisfied to make choices based on gut feeling. We want our decisions to be driven by data.