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IDC Research Report

Taking Analysts' Time Back

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New research from IDC proves it: Data workers worldwide spend a full 44% of their workday on unsuccessful data activities.

Why the productivity loss? Juggling multiple technologies is at the top of the list. Manual updates to formulas, tables, and spreadsheets pile on even more lost hours.

Take that time back. Get the IDC infobrief now for findings and recommendations like these:

  • Exactly how, and where, time and money are lost
  • Analysts’ top 8 efficiency challenges
  • 4 key areas to reduce friction and regain productivity

Download the latest IDC research to read all of the key findings.

44% of time is being wasted every week because data workers are unsuccessful in their activities.

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Maximizing ROI Through Data Democratization

Democratization is never easy, but here are steps organizations can take to make the process easier and analytics more accessible for everyone.

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Ventana Report: Effective Revenue Operations Need Data and Analytics

New revenue models are shifting the way organizations deliver growth. See the metrics you need to support your business needs and meet goals.

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IDC Spotlight Accelerating Retail's Digital Transformation

Build your retail forecasting, merchandising, and logistics around the deep insights you can only get with the one-two punch of cloud data and cloud analytics.

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