London Times Special Report: Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation

See How Industry Leaders in Supply Chain Are Staying Resilient in Times of Uncertainty


71% of organizations said in 2019 that they had business continuity arrangements in place to deal with supply chain disruptions

49% of warehouse and distribution center managers say they still use mostly manual processes in order fulfillment

50% of large global companies are expected to be using AI, advanced analytics and IoT in supply chain operations by 2023

Download this special report published by Raconteur to explore how a global pandemic has upended supply chains. The report includes articles on relevant topics such as: how panic has forever altered supply chains, what cyber vulnerabilities organizations face from hackers during this crisis, and how analytics can help keep your supply chain running even during times of crises.

Read “Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation” to see:

  • Why the recent pandemic is a “wake-up call” for business leaders in supply chain and what that means for the future of supply chains
  • How procurement technology can help cut costs and maintain quality even in times of crisis
  • Where companies stand in their implementations of supply chain automation and the top barriers to successful performance

Download the report today and get the strategies you need to overcome supply chain disruption.


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