Use Case

Application Performance Management


Knowing which customers buy from you is an advantage when it comes to understanding customer experience, predicting churn, and up-selling. By automating customer activity analysis, you discover how customers use your products and services and harvest information that informs your marketing and sales efforts.

Top-Line Growth

Gain insights into your power users and use that data to drive marketing strategy

Customer Experience

Discover and address feature gaps that are impacting usability to your customers

Efficiency Gains

Drive development strategy by directly collecting user activity


Business Problem

Which customers use your products and services? How often do they use them? What do they use them for? You may think you know why your customers buy from you, but they can surprise you, both pleasantly and unpleasantly. Also, the fact that they buy or adopt your products this month is no guarantee they’ll still be using them a few months from now.

Who are your power users? What motivates them that doesn’t motivate your dormant users and your never-users? Customer activity analysis shows you which customers are using your product the most and the least. It can open doors into the customer experience, allowing you to predict churn and identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities. Through customer activity analysis, you can discover what your users like and dislike and develop ways of reaching out to never-users, especially if you can identify the right data sources to query.

Analytics Solution

Through automating the process of pulling customer usage data and connecting that data with customer transactions and demographic data, customer success departments can create a picture of their power users. These power users can provide valuable information into feature popularity, including why those features are used. This combined customer view can power AI and machine learning algorithms to create personas that drive marketing to new users. It can also uncover blockers for current customers and gaps in the usability of products.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Open automated data pipelines to pull product usage data and store on Snowflake
  • Pull in customer demographic data from platforms like Salesforce and combine that with product usage data
  • Segment customers based on how they are using your product and use that predict future product usage
  • Create customer personas and use those groupings to drive marketing and product engineering strategies

1 – Data Connection

Connect and blend customer and activity data

2 – Time Series Analytics

Create a time series forecasting model using past activity to predict future behavior

3 – Automated Reporting

Automatically connect output to a dashboard, or send an email report daily


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