Use Case

Sales Activity Tracking


Getting a full view of sales reps’ performance against key metrics is often a difficult, manual process. Automating the process of extracting sales activity from CRM platforms like Salesforce and combining it with business rules and marketing data equips sales leaders with robust dashboards that drive sales strategy.

Efficiency Gains

Dramatically reduce effort required to extract data from CRM platforms and populate dashboards with a full view of sales performance

Upskill Workers

Train sales reps on what works and eliminate ineffective techniques

Top-Line Returns

Understand the correlation between sales activities and sales success to optimize their impact on business


Business Problem

Sales leaders need a full view of the activity of sales representatives to understand engagement and overall pipeline creation. If, for example, sales reps are not producing well against key performance indicators (KPIs), their managers have to know as soon as possible. Or maybe new reps are spending too much time on unprofitable accounts, and need guidance to allocate their time efficiently.

From the top downward, sales leaders should be able to correlate sales activities to overall team performance and base their decisions on how sales reps engage with customers and prospects. They want data to support even simple techniques, like the relationship between the volume of customer contacts and conversion rate. The trends and patterns are in the data, but sales leaders have to find them before they can capitalize on them.

Analytics Solution

The key to a full understanding of sales activities, and whether those activities are producing results, is to create a dashboard that shows an overview of sales interactions alongside a view of sales pipeline results. An end-to-end analytics platform can automatically connect to your data sources, apply sales KPIs, and export directly to dashboards, enabling sales leadership to implement flexible, data-driven, and real-time strategy decisions.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Automate the extraction of sales activities from CRM platforms like Salesforce
  • Combine that data with custom KPIs and business rules to understand sales rep performance
  • Measure sales reps on deeper metrics than number of calls total and number of calls per customer
  • Power a robust dashboard that shows sales activities, pipeline status and business impact

Sales Activity Tracking Designer Workflow

1 – Data Connection

Automate data connection to platforms like Salesforce and Snowflake

2 – Prep and Blend

Combine lead and sales rep data, then measure engagement statistics against KPIs

3 – Automated Reporting

Format data for exporting into Tableau dashboards or storing on Snowflake


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