Analytics and Data Science in Sports

Data and analytics have not just changed the way companies operate but have also drastically impacted the sporting and football industry in particular. In fact, team managers, coaches, and players rely on sports analytics before making decisions, and developing strategies to win games. While this might not come as a surprise for industry insiders, for many sports fans it still does. So, let’s reveal how data and analytics are changing the game of today.

We want to invite all sports and analytics enthusiasts to join our virtual roundtable to get exclusive insights on how the sports industry is leveraging analytics and data science. Register now to watch a panel of on- and off-field experts from City Football Group and Leftfield Consulting, learn how to build a data and analytics strategy, and take those learnings back to your day jobs.

We will discuss the below and more:

  • The role of data and analytics in making sports events more competitive
  • How data and analytics can help improve team and player performance
  • How analytics can augment (vs. replace) human skills
  • First-hand use cases (e.g., player recruitment) from an on- and off-field perspective